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DIY! Halloween costumes, made simple

Gargoyle photo courtesy of Lor Sligar (click to enlarge)Lor Sligar (left) and Annie Machesky strike a pose in their homemade costumes as Alice in Wonderland and a Chicago Bears football player in the hallways of Uni last Halloween.

EVERYONE IS GETTING into a tizzy this time of year, worrying about what to be for Halloween and where to get the right costume.

But never fear! Halloween costumes usually look best and are the most fun when you make them yourself.

If you're feeling overwhelmed because you have no idea what to be and need inspiration, or you want to endeavor to make your own costume, look no further: I'm here to show you the way.

Finding Inspiration

The best way to begin is by looking for costume ideas. I always think it works better if you're not looking for a pattern, but just the idea. You can make the pattern fit what you need.

If you've already decided on your costume, great! You may proceed to the next section.

Personally, my favorite place for inspiration has always been BuyCostumes.com. You'll find tons of ideas there. Although some of them are pretty trashy, and some of them just plain weird, you can usually get a vague handle on what you're looking for.

For more mainstream fun, the other day I was looking around AmericanApparel.net, and I saw their latest section on DIY Halloween costumes. They have some really cute ideas, although most are just funny to look at, and I wouldn't ever wear them in real life (like "Nudist Colony").

It's definitely worth looking at kids' costume ideas, too. A lot of the best outfits are traditional kid's costumes, like "fairy princess" and "vampire."


You can get great patterns cheap at JoAnn Fabrics on Neil Street. There are also tons of other fabric stores around town, which all should carry patterns.

Some good pattern brands include Simplicity and McCall's.

On the back of patterns, it will tell you what fabric you need to buy and how much.

Usually there's some leeway in fabric choices, obviously with color but also with type. Talk to the people who work at the store! They're used to all kinds of random questions, and they will know exactly what substitutions will work and which won't.


So you want to be a goth fairy princess ghost. Stellar! I'll bet you 10 bucks you'll be the only one.

But … it seems you're just so original, no one has made a pattern of the costume you want.

Don't worry, it's oh-so-simple to tweak a few things on a mainstream costume to make it your own.

For example:

  • One fairy costume, made in black fabric
  • One pair of black glittery wings
  • One pair of ripped black fishnets
  • One tiara
  • One container white face paint

Combine, and stir. Ta-da! Your very own goth fairy princess ghost costume!


Well, I think you're ready to set out into the world of costume creation. I wish you the best of luck, and can't wait to see what you come up with!


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DIY Costume Ideas

I couldn't agree with more Lor. I always feel satisfaction and pride just for the simple fact that i created my own costume. Last year Halloween, i created a pirate costume which was lovely and received lots of admirers. But this year, i was pondering on my next idea when i came across your blog. Thanks for the inspiration! Godwin


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Great Costume Ideas

Interesting article!

Do you mind if we use a few ideas for it on our blog? We have lots of customers who are looking for ideas about adult costumes, and if they don't want to buy on from us, we might as well give them some hints and tips on how to make their own costumes!


halloween 2010

yes, but we have more idea about Halloween costume. if u want to know more about this plz try this site.

Home-made Halloween Costume

This year my child wanted to be a Pokemon (Pikacu) so I took an old white shirt and white pants and dyed them in yellow dye (or food coloring) and then took some brown paint and painted the two lines on the back of the shirt for pikacu's stripes. Then for the tail I took a box and opened it completely up, drew the design on and cut it out. Then painted it yellow and brown. For the ears I used a head band and pipe cleaners. We bent the pipe cleaners into the shape of the ears and hot glued them onto the headband. Wala, my child was pickachu. :)

dress as a nurse

Wear white shirt, white skirt, white pantyhose, and white Keds tennis shoes. Then fold apiece of regular white paper in the shape of a nurses hat; attach it to hair and there you go. If you want to be a sexy nurse use a mini skirt.